Forest Investment

Tenco buys tracts of forest
from new zealand

Tenco buys forests

TTalk to us about how you should proceed with the sale of your trees.
Tenco buys small and large tracts of forest to harvest immediately or immature forests to hold until harvest time. A deal with Tenco is a certain transaction. Tenco will pay the agreed value either in a lump sum or on a rate per volume unit out-turn from the forest, depending on the nature of the tree crop. If you own a forest 16 years and older Tenco would like to hear from you.

Contact: Mark Bendall

Tenco can make you money

TTenco are constantly investing in immature forests. There is an opportunity to join Tenco in these investments for small or large sums.
You can make money out of watching your investment grow in the capable and experienced hands of a well-known participant in the field. A company that is also invested in the same forest project and whose objectives are totally aligned with yours.

Contact: Josh Bannan